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Understanding your Irish Dance feedback score on Flyp10

With help from some legendary judges, we’ve constructed a scorecard that will help you identify the elements that judges look for most.  While this doesn’t directly reflect an actual feis scorecard, Flyp10 adjudicators will place value and insight into five key areas.  To provide you a point value to these, we assigned a ten-point scale for four elements and a 60-point scale for Overall impression.  This creates a total routine scoring scale of 100-points.

While this will likely not reflect the specific feis scores you get, we believe it will help you get a feel of the weight these elements carry in the minds of adjudicators.  It’s also designed to help you understand what parts of your routines are doing well and where most improvement is needed.  This can also help you gauge your progress in specific areas across repeated uploads. 

Below is a sample of the scorecard and feedback you should expect.