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Breaking Barriers Improving Access

Flyp10 is constantly improving your access to the best minds in sports by removing old-school barriers!

Flyp10 addresses several factors that currently limit development potential.

No matter where you are, where your club is or how far away the nearest judge is, you can get a judge to review and break down your routine in minutes.

Timely access to coaching resources
For top coaches, Flyp10 often reaffirms what they’ve been stressing to their athletes.  Training stays on track when coaches, judges and athletes are focused on the same things.  For new coaches, Flyp10 helps in both athlete and coaching development.  A coach’s world is always changing and so are the rules and scoring evaluation methods.  Flyp10 gets coaches, athlete-specific feedback that is quick, to the point and aligned with the latest rules and guidelines.

Mobile collaboration and analytics
Today, great collaboration uses technology to capture critical communications and key metrics.  All your Flyp10 videos and judges’ comments are sharable, with users you approve.  Coaches and athletes can watch and rewatch routines, share comments and add to the judge’s feedback.  Each score and element value is trackable on the app for charting your progress of complete routines or just specific components.

Parents simply want their children to be successful and to support their development.  Too often, the nuances of judge sports, the rules and the scoring methodology make cheering on your athlete harder than most other sports.  The Flyp10 scorecards provide parents the method behind the score and the terminology that can lead to a closer connection with their favorite athlete.