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Trying Flyp10 – Freebies and discounts

Flyp10 is the latest advancement in training, education and collaboration for athletes, coaches and families in judged sports.  Getting you a full breakdown of your routine, quickly and affordably, by top judges is our goal.

While Flyp10 breaks down barriers and improves access to the best minds in your sport, we want to make access to try Flyp10 easy also.  Further down, we link to our post about breaking barriers.  But first, let’s talk freebies and discounts.

We want to make it easy for you to try Flyp10.  The following are the different ways you can try Flyp10 for free or at a discount.  We will continue to add new and fun ways to make Flyp10 easy for you, your teammates, and your club to try.

Spread the word

Add funds to your Flyp10 wallet with referrals for new signups.  When a friend first signs up for Flyp10, ask them to use your Flyp10 username as the referral code.  On the first fill-up of their Flyp10 wallet, 50% of your friend's fill-up value is automatically added to your Flyp10 wallet.  Easy money!

Flyp10 Promocodes on Facebook

Simply like our Facebook page to get the latest Promo codes.  When the Promo code is active, just add it to your Flyp10 wallet and we’ll add bonus credits to your account the next time you add funds.

Club Discounts and Promo Codes

Flyp10 offers generous discounts for group purchases or wallet fill-ups of $500 or more.  These are great for coaches wishing to use Flyp10 as a part of their regular training regimen or when conducting a fun mock meet or a judge’s cup type event.

Clubs can also establish their personalized promo code.  Give this code to members.  Flyp10 will turn it into wallet fill-up accelerators for bonus Flyp10 dollars or turn it into cash rebates back to the club for use in buying new equipment, banquets, whatever you’re saving for.


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