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Best practices for faster uploading

Flyp10 takes your High Definition video and quickly gets it in front of a judge for scoring and feedback.  It is a high-quality video that judges love and need to make the best assessment of your performance. 

There are many advantages of uploading over streaming.  These include zero freezing, no dropped feeds, and exact pairing of video and audio.  To make uploading feel like a real-time competition, the uploading should be quick.  Flyp10 has set our apps and website to upload and process your videos quickly.  We are always working to improve that process to get you results even faster.  Part of the upload speed and processing is dependent on the connection and file settings you use to get us your video performance.  As you can guess, the larger the video file and the weaker the Wi-Fi or data connection, the slower the uploading.  Here are our current recommendations for providing Flyp10 with high-quality video while minimizing upload times.

We recommend that when recording content to be judged, that it is recorded in “Airplane mode” or on “Do not Disturb” as notifications will disrupt the viewing of the video for our judges.

Data/Wi-Fi connection:  We recommend Wi-Fi.  In most areas, 5G mobile data is faster than Wi-Fi for downloading but typically not faster for uploading.  It is a good idea to identify the weak and strong Wi-Fi spots in your building ahead of the virtual completion.

HD Video Settings:  Many new smart phones and tablets have fantastic video quality.  They can be set at 4k/UHD with a high fps rate.  At Flyp10, standard HD is still great for viewing by the judges.  We recommend settings of 720p or 1080p and 30 fps.  This can also be labeled as HD, FHD or Full HD.  This stuff can get technical and managing setting may differ by manufacture.  If you need more information on how to adjust your video setting, we hope the links below can help you get started. Please consult your user manual if these do not apply to your device.

In summary, we recommend

  • Wi-Fi
  • HD 720p or Full HD (FHD) 1080p (30fps)

Link: Apple Devices (iOS)

Link: Samsung Devices