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World Class

World-Class athletes have access to the best coaches and trainers in addition to their world-class teammates to support their development.  Their gyms as well as Division I programs also have regular access to top judges during practice and all year round.

Flyp10 gets you that same access to top judges, right through your mobile device.  Anytime, anywhere.

These top athletes also have coaches who are often experienced and credentialed judges themselves.  However, getting that neutral opinion and another set of experienced eyes on a routine can identify deductions that shave important points off your total score.  As any competitor knows, just a few tenths can mean the difference in individual, all-around, and overall team placements.

Top coaches also like having that additional voice in the training regimen.  These judges often confirm what they have been repeating for days or weeks to their athlete.  Sometimes, repeated instructions can get blocked out or become ‘noise’ over the course of training.  A judge, with their independent opinion, can help everyone get a fresh focus on old stubborn elements of your training.

Uploading your routine to Flyp10 gets you that independent, qualified, and experienced judge’s breakdown of your routine.  You can even resubmit a routine previously judged on Flyp10.  When choosing this feature, Flyp10 guarantees your routine gets routed to a different judge.  This means you get your coach's notes as well as notes from two independent judges.  Whether they all agree or have different points of emphasis, you will have something to work on that won’t be a surprise at the next competition.

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