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Connecting as Flyp10 Teammates

On Flyp10, we call users who connect, Teammates.  Teammates can be family, friends, coaches, and your actual teammates.  They are anyone with whom you would like to share your accomplishments.  When connected with your coach, they can use team funds to upload on your behalf or record you for a Flyp10 Event Meet. To connect as Teammates, you’ll need two things, your friend’s username and their ‘Flyp-phrase’.  The Flyp-phrase is a word or phrase created and managed in a user's profile.  We’ve added the Flyp-phrase step as a safety measure to avoid unwanted requests.

1. Sign-in and navigate to “Team Management”

2. Tap the add or ‘plus’ button.

3. Search by entering the full username of the teammate you are requesting then tap the profile add icon.

4. Enter their ‘Flyp-phrase’ (case sensitive).

5. The completed request is immediately sent.  To complete the connection, your requested teammate will need to accept the request in the Notifications section of the app.

We recommend that you only give out your Flyp-phrase to people you wish to connect with and that you change your Flyp-phrase regularly.