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Play-by-play with MyFlyp10

During the Olympics, you’ve been watching and hearing the play-by-play, or more precisely, element-by-element commentary by the experts.  They help us, the fan, understand the individual elements of the routine as we watch them performed.  But more interestingly, they are breaking down how the execution of each element is impacting the score.  The extra step, the over-rotation, bent knees, height or the stepping out of bounds all get mentioned.  The broadcasters also help the viewers understand what they all mean for the routine’s score and the athlete’s potential placement on the podium.

These commentators are professionals, even former medal winners.  They know the sport and can get into the mind of the judges.  They also get the benefit of the broadcast’s video replay to breakdown what the judge is seeing or what they are looking for.

Using the MyFlyp10 feature in Flyp10, you too can get the play-by-play straight from the mind of a judge.  When you upload your routine, Flyp10 routes it directly to a national rated judge who gives you a written commentary and scoring detail.  Judges can even replay parts or all your routine to get you a more detailed commentary.  You can keep the comments private, share them with your coach, teammates or blast it out via social media.

Flyp10 can’t supply the pageantry of the Olympics or guarantee your commentary will be from a former gold medalist, but we can get you the same insightful ‘play-by-play’, right from the judges.  All for far less than the cost of a plane ticket to Tokyo.