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Virtual Competition Best Practices - Flyp10 Account Setup

Getting everyone on the Flyp10 platform early is the key to simplifying everything else.

Like every in-person meet, everyone has a role to play and most require their USAG Member ID.  Organizers, Judges, Coaches, and athletes (with their Parents) have a few steps to perform in preparation for a Virtual Competition.  First, all should create a Flyp10 account (it’s free) and link their USAG Member ID in their profile.  This will help Flyp10 and USAG sync-up and make the Virtual Competition flow more like an in-person meet.  Judges will need to create a Judges account.  Everyone else creates a Competitor account on Flyp10.

Here is a brief breakdown of everybody’s role and what they need to prepare in advance of the competition.

Judges.  After adding your USAG Member ID to your account, add your sport and level to your Flyp10 profile.  Adding your sport and level will require an attachment of your judge’s Membership card.  This can be a pdf or photo of your card.

Coaches.  After adding your USAG Member ID to your account, instruct your athletes and parents to do the same.  You will need to connect your account as Flyp10 Teammates with your athletes’ accounts.  This will allow you to upload routines on their behalf.  The best practice for connecting is to change your Flyp-phrase in your profile to something easy and memorable.  Then ask your athletes to initiate the Teammate request using your username and your Flyp-phrase.  You will need to accept these requests in your account Notifications to complete the connection.

Athletes/Parents.  After adding your USAG Member ID to your account, work with your coach to connect accounts as Flyp10 Teammates.  You can Teammate with fellow athletes or any other Flyp10 user to add in the sharing.  To automatically share your future routines with your connected Teammates, select Always share in your profile.  For viewing your athletes’ routines during a Virtual Competition, check out our blog on watching your athlete.

Organizer. After adding your USAG Member ID to your account, log into Flyp10 (via a Web Browser) to see several additional meet organizer tools.  The two most important are Event Meets the Judges Mapping features.  In Event Meets you will create one or more Event Meets for your sanction.  Event Meets are like sessions for Virtual Competitions and contain your Judging assignments.  Once you create your first Event Meet you can begin mapping the Judges listed in your sanction to the levels and events in your competition.

There are a limitless number of organizing, managing, and reporting options available to you for your Virtual Competition.  Check back for more updates to this post and the Flyp10 Blog for additional features.