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Viewing Guide for Parents

During a virtual competition, you can view your athletes’ scored routines in two different ways. The first option is recommended for parents who intend to only follow one athlete. It is to simply log into your athlete's account and view their routines as soon as they are uploaded which will be located under “My routines”.  Once the routine has been scored by our judges, it will also be available in “My Library” and have the ability to be shared with anyone you have connected with as “Teammates”.

The second option is recommended for parents who have more than one athlete they would like to follow. This option features creating a personal competitor account for yourself and proceeding to connect with your athletes as “Teammates”. (Connecting-as-Flyp10-Teammates ) After connecting with the athletes their uploads will then be shared with you under “My Library” once they have been scored by our judges.

To ensure your athletes' future routines will be shared with yourself and their other connected teammates please remember they must have their profile set to “Always Share” which can be completed with the following steps.

1)Log into Flyp10 and select “My Profile”.

2)Tap the Edit button located above Basic Info, this will then give you the option to update your profile.

3)Switch the “Always share routines with teammates” option to “Yes”.

4)Click Update.

Once these settings have been updated, all future uploads will be shared automatically with all your “Teammates” that you have connected with.

If you do not wish to set the profile settings to “Always Share” you can manually share individual routines with specific connected teammates after they are scored. You can do this by clicking into the uploaded routine and selecting the share button in the bottom right corner and then selecting the Flyp10 logo.