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Planning a Virtual Meet using Flyp10

The first step to planning your virtual event is having it sanctioned by USAG; virtual events that have been sanctioned by USAG are free to host through Flyp10.  Once you have sanctioned your event through USAG, information regarding the event, including coaches, athletes, and judges participating, will be instantly funneled over to Flyp10.

Event organizers can then immediately begin the process of assigning judges to events by level. Flyp10 automatically sends an invitation that will enable coaches, parents, and athletes to participate and interact with all features of the virtual event.

With the addition of virtual events being so fresh in the world of sports, our Flyp10 meet directing team will be readily available to provide help with the utilization of Flyp10 features that are designed for organizers as well as the planning and execution of your event. To contact please feel free to email .