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USAG Virtual Sanctions with Flyp10

Hosting a Virtual Sanction with Flyp10 is a great way to keep the season alive and create a whole new experience around competing in real-time that will last long after the routines have been performed and the scores are all tallied.


How does it work?

Flyp10 is connected to the USAG Sanction management process on  Other than the USAG Sanctions fees, there is no additional charge for using Flyp10.  This connection allows you to manage your competition like you would if it were live, in one location.  The difference is, athletes and coaches, with a little direction, will upload recordings of routines from their home gym through the Flyp10 app as the competition progresses.  You are still in control of registration and setting the times for the competition to start.   Judges get the routines in their Flyp10 queue immediately and can start judging right away.   Clubs can compete remotely and at the same time, seeing results from across the meet as it unfolds.  All the details, like the athlete’s level, event and USAG number are captured by Flyp10 and streamlined for instant results and reporting to USAG.   Flyp10 has tons of additional features that carry on the thrill and benefits of your competition well after it’s completed, but here is a simple breakdown of how it works.


Managing a Virtual Competition on Flyp10.

  1. Create a Sanction at Just select Virtual as the sanction type and Flyp10 as the vendor.
  2. Ask the judges, athletes, and coaches to download the Flyp10 app and create Flyp10 accounts (it’s free). Judges will need to signup as a Judge.  Athletes, coaches, parents, and organizers will signup as a Competitor. They’ll need to add their USAG ID Number to their account.  Coaches and athletes will also need to link/connect their accounts.  This is like ‘following’ each other, we call connected accounts ‘Teammates’.
  3. As the organizer or administrator of the sanction, you'll log into to create judging panel assignments by level and event. For help with creating judging assignments, contact
  4. On the day(s) of the event, the coaches upload recorded performances via the Flyp10 app on behalf of the athletes (provided they have linked accounts).
  • Flyp10 takes over from there. Uploaded routines are routed directly to the judges as assigned.  Scorecards from the judging panels are calculated and immediately available.  They include judge’s comments, ready for viewing and collaborating on the app by the athlete and their connected Flyp10 teammates.
  • Placement tallies as the competition progresses are also instantly available in the app.


Advantages of Flyp10

  • All videos of performances are instantly saved and immediately available to the athlete to re-watch, scored routines can be shared with connected Teammates such as coaches, family, and actual teammates.
  • By default, all accounts are private. Athletes (and their parents) are in full control of who can view their recent and past video performances.
  • Athletes can see the scores and judge’s notes immediately after the judges have submitted their scorecards.
  • Our process eliminates the potential of freezing or dropped connections of a video conference line. Judges can expect HD quality videos for scoring, 100% of the time.
  • Judges can re-watch or pause if needed while working remotely, ensuring their full attention.
  • Routines are queued for each judge, so there is no need for them to search through folders or install additional video viewing software.
  • All video of the performance along with judges’ notes are shareable and rewatchable by the athlete and coaches for ongoing training, performance tracking and development.
  • Flyp10 also provides tools to ensure videos are uploaded during that competition only, eliminating all concerns around pre-edited routines or re-submissions.
  • Athletes, coaches, and parents can use the same Flyp10 submission process to upload routines all year long, such as routines from practice or live competitions for individualized feedback by a certified judge. We call this MyFlyp10.

For questions and support when managing your Flyp10 virtual competition, contact us at