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How Flyp10 is like Peloton for judged sports, only better.

There has been a flood of new advertising for in-home, exercise platforms. Anything exercise-related is always big going into a new year with new year resolutions and aspirations.  The ads for these platforms offer inspiration, perspiration and integration. The names include Peloton, Echelon and NordicTrack, and at least a half-dozen more. The integration, of course, is the digital connection between you, the equipment and the virtual, on-demand or live streaming fitness coach.  You can get the expert insight right on the screen affixed to your bike, treadmill, rower and even the mirror on the wall. Today's workout on these machines is much more advanced than the simple timers, variable speeds, and heart rate monitors on the machines that were considered advanced just a few years ago.  The modern in-home equipment connects you to your machine and monitors your progress throughout your exercise history. It helps you set goals, identifies patterns and provides semi-custom regimens that guide your journey to meet your goals. Most importantly, it lets you do all this at a time you choose. The ‘certified’ instructors, the spin class and the metrics all come to you, on-demand, anytime you decide.

Imagine if your balance beam, vault, dance studio, ring, rink, pool, etc came with the same integration and tracking.  On-demand, feedback from world-class experts. Experts certified by the top recognized organizations in your sport. Competition grade judges available, on-demand.  Even better, what if it was direct and made just for you, real one-to-one. A bit more personalized than the virtual spin class of two-thousand other users. Better still, this integration is not affixed to a heavy and expensive piece of equipment, nor is your ‘personalized’ feedback generated by a bot or algorithm.

Flyp10 is your goal pathway, one-to-one, mobile integration platform, for judged sports.  For sports and routines you can perform at home, it’s an at-home trainer. For others, where you need an apparatus or specific performance surface, you can take your Flyp10 training system with you.  Practice and perform as long or short as you want then record any or all your routines and simply upload them using the Flyp10 app. Our nationally and internationally experienced judges will pick up the alert and start judging your routine, they are our version of a master instructor.  Part of what makes Flyp10 special, is our judges really get to watch the routines, back and forth, so the feedback is hyper-personalized and detailed.

Similar to some exercise platforms that have social, collaborative and competitive integration, you can share your Flyp10 performances and feedback with other competitors, even across different sports.  Share insights gained, lessons learned and cheer on your friends or family via the teammates feature. It’s the safest way to share that puts you in total control.

While the bike and treadmill exercise platforms require an initial investment of thousands of dollars and a subscription of several hundred more a year.  Flyp10 is a free app where you can pay as you go and get dozens of routines judged for the price of a yearly virtual spin class subscription.

Flyp10 puts some of the world’s best judges in your sport at your fingertips, anytime you want.  Giving you the feedback you crave to help you reach your goals for 2020 and beyond.