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How Flyp10 is like Uber for judged sports, only better.

Imagine you need a ride across town.  You want a ride that shows up quick, with a driver that is knowledgeable, at a price that's fair.  You want to be in control and have that control at your fingertips.   

Flyp10 gets you where you want to go, and that place is a better you in your sport.  It gives you access to the best minds in your sport; the judges who have the training and expertise to break down your routine into the feedback and foundation that makes up your competitive score.  They won't drive you to the next completion but they will provide you the detailed roadmap for your route to the next level. Flyp10 judges are more than just certified in their sport, they have a keen eye for the roadblocks, express lanes, detours, and potholes in your routine.  Every deduction, every bonus and all the elements that impact your score are calculated and commented on.  

As rules and scoring methods change in your sport, Flyp10 judges are your resource to understand their impact, an always up-to-date city guide if you will.  Better yet, the benefits of your past Flyp10 experiences and learning will always be available at your fingertips.  

Like hailing a ride on your phone, your next routine breakdown can be called up right after you finish recording it at your next competition, practice or any open workout time.  

Shared rides, Flyp10’s got that too.  Connect with friends, family, coaches and teammates to share what you’ve learned.  The Flyp10 app can take you right to your teammates’ routines that have the details and shared feedback you seek, right down to the specific element.

How far can you go with Flyp10?  With the insight you get from Flyp10, as far as your dreams can take you, which is further than the average Uber ride of around six miles.  Better yet, for most sports, the cost of Flyp10 feedback is far less than the average Uber fare (around $13.43, Lyft average is $12.53).

Like any ride sharing app, Flyp10 judges are ready when you want to upload a routine.  An early Uber slogan was “Everyone’s private driver.” You can think of Flyp10 along with your mobile device as having your private judge, anytime, anywhere.