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Take the mystery out of gymnastics scoring with Flyp10, the only gymnastics scoring app that lets you upload gymnastic routines straight from your device or computer, submit the routines to be judged by USAG Certified Judges, and receive a score along with the judges notes so you can see exactly where the deductions and bonuses are coming from.

Upload Routines, Get Scores, Get Better!

How Does It Work:

  • Download the Flyp10 app or go to and create an account.
  • Add money to your wallet; as each routine is judged, the fee is deducted from your pre-paid account, refill as often as you wish.
  • When you are ready, upload a routine for scoring. Routines can be from meets, practice or open gym as long as they are relatively close and at an angle capable of being judged. The routine will be routed to a USAG Certified Judge for your level. The cost of judging the routine will be deducted from your account at that time.
  • Once your routine is judged, you will receive a score along with notes from the judge on what deductions, skill values and bonuses were used in the scoring.

But that’s not all. Have your friends sign up as well and you can share and comment on routines or sign up for Premium to enter the daily meet, get valuable analytics to track your scoring trends and get your routine scores faster.

What does it cost:

See our pricing for routines


All routines will be evaluated by current USAG Certified Judges. Please note gymnastics judging is subjective and each competition is different. The purpose of this app is to help gymnasts see where their deductions may be coming from NOT to determine whether a score a gymnast received at a particular meet was scored correctly. A score is a judge’s opinion of a particular routine. You will be given a score and list of deductions and bonuses the judge could mark if they were judging your routine at that particular time. Optional routines will also be evaluated for start value.